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Arriving in the United States in 1967 Mr. Giuseppe Martuscelli began working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a cook. Over the next several years a common vision began to grow of one day opening his own restaurant. He eventually came to Delaware and opened La Casa Pasta Restaurant in Newark Delaware in 1978. The business became a lifestyle of seven-day workweeks; fine-tuning culinary skills and providing customers with what they wanted. The hard work and diligence paid off several years later in Chesapeake City, when he opened his second restaurant with his son Gianmarco, the Chesapeake Inn in 1996.

Today, La Casa Pasta and the Chesapeake Inn are still family owned and operated. They keep all the Martuscelli properties current with trends in the industry by implementing creative marketing and management programs for their staff, however, their main focus is always on their strong and successful foundation, which is comprised of food, family and a strong work ethic, which has earned them the trust of their customers.

The Martuscellis are committed to making every party, event, and special occasion a memorable experience. If your goal is to host an event that exceeds the expecations of your guests such as a wedding or any other type of social or corporate event, the Martuscelli family is here to help.